Palazzo Ricci Design Updates

Apr 7, 2017 | Developments, Palazzo Ricci, Viaggio Resorts

We are excited to share with you some new drawings and design concepts from our architectural design team.  The illustration below shows a side-cut view of the eastern side of the palace, all the way from the cellar (ground floor) up to the penthouse. You can also see the garden elevation changes on the left. 
We’ve been told that back in the 1800s, Baron Ricci used to ride his horse from the street on the palace’s ground floor (the cellar) straight on through the palace and into the garden area.  This would have been very common in that era due to the standard use of horses for transportation.  Fortunately, it will never be used as a horse path again!  Instead, our renovated ground floor will house a soothing Roman bath, a billiards area, card/game room, a large screen entertainment room, and a museum with historic artifacts from the palace and region. The renovated ground floor is going to be a spectacular area that’s been specifically designed for our owners’ and guests’ relaxation and enjoyment.